Genetically Engineered Bacteria

Bacteria which are genetically modified are called the genetically engineered organism. these genetically modified bacteria are useful in the production of human proteins. Some of the transgenic products which are synthesized by bacteria include insulin, tissue plasminogen activator, Ice-minus bacteria, interferon and many more. Non-pathogenic bacteria which are genetically modified are used to target tumors and to have anti-tumor effects on the patients. other than pharmaceutical use these bacteria are genetically modified bacteria are used in land fields and soils to increase the crop growth which is pest resistant.

  • Track 1-1 Less Complex Genetics
  • Track 2-2 Human Proteins and Therapeutic Proteins
  • Track 3-3 Clotting Factor-Hamster Cell Lines
  • Track 4-4 Ice Minus Bacteria, Tissue Plasminogen
  • Track 5-5 Anti Tumour Effect-Anaerobic Bacteria
  • Track 6-6 Co-factor Regeneration
  • Track 7-7 BioTransformation

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